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Drop a Pod. Raise Your Energy. Rule Your World.

Life doesn’t stand still. Being the best version of you requires energy and focus. That’s why we created PepPod. Our unique formula provides the essential nutrients you need to live life at the speed you want—all in a 3.7 gram tablet that dissolves in water for convenience on the go. Just drop, drink and do what you do, only BETTER.

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  • PepPods are a quick and healthy way to get my energy up in the morning for a long day of backcountry skiing or climbing in the alpine. I rely on PepPod to sustain my physical strength and mental persistence through these rigorous and active days.  It is essential that I have a product that keeps me feeling focused and energized without any jitters, PepPod does this and more. An excellent substitute for coffee in the morning, I love putting two PepPods in a thermos that will give me lasting energy all day. 
    — Ryan Pedersen
    Outdoor Professional
  • PepPod is no longer a commodity, it is a necessity for me. No matter what my plans for the day are, every morning starts with a PepPod. The boost it gives me jump starts every day with absolutely zero downside. I honestly can't remember the last time I didn't start the day with a PepPod. My only concern with them is that my coworkers will find my stash and ransack them. I love them and can't imagine living the life I do without them."
    — James Allen
    PodSquad Ambassador
  • I started using PepPod in the late summer as a way to keep energized for longer workouts. As a professional triathlete, and someone who follows a paleo style diet, I am always looking for cleaner sources of nutrition. PepPod is perfect because it provides a natural boost of energy that doesn't spike your insulin levels and set you up to crash soon after. With my schedule, I'm constantly on the go, so I want to make sure my energy needs are met, as well as my hydration. Every workout counts, and PepPod ensures that I am not heading into a training session with my tank only half full. PepPod gives me the energy to keep pushing through hard days, never crashing, and never experiencing any GI stress. I can't recommend Peppod enough to people looking to up their game and get the most out of each day.
    — Guy Petruzzelli
    Professional Triathlete
  • As a sales manager in the energy industry I cover 11 states spanning the Great Plains, Rocky Mountains, and Pacific Northwest regions.  I'm constantly juggling the headaches of travel, preparing for business meetings, and supporting the needs of my electric utility customers.  It is common to be in three different time zones in the same week.  PepPod has become an essential part of my travel routine.  It keeps me focused and energized for those 5:00 am flights, an itinerary full of meetings, and late hotel check-ins.  PepPod isn't just for athletes.  It's for those of us seeking a healthy way to squeeze a little more out of each day. 
    — Chad Spring
    Toshiba America Energy Systems

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It all boils down to our unique proprietary blend comprised of only the highest quality, premium ingredients.

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At PepPod, energy is a science.

It’s also a philosophy—a guiding principle for a healthy, productive happy life.

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  • Trainer & Mountaineer

    "A volunteer for the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center since 2004, Laurie is the founder of the Power of Seven project. Her mission is to climb the tallest mountain on each con..."

  • Tri-athlete

    "Inna participated in various sports growing up, but competitive swimming played a major roll in her life, which paved the road to triathlons later on. After graduating from college..."

  • Professional Soccer Player

    "Joe Crowley is a professional soccer player from Pennsylvania. Joe grew up playing soccer and is a product of DC United's Academy program.  He played soccer in college for the Uni..."

  • OCR Elite, Endurance Athlete & Coach

    "Val is an absolute top level Obstacle Course Runner (OCR) and endurance athlete, crossfit trainer and competitor, world record holder and the only Georgia Girl to ever finish the P..."

About PepPod

Born in Colorado

Born in Colorado

Made in America

Made in America

Sourced Globally

Sourced Globally

Born in Colorado. Made in America. Sourced Globally. That’s more than a company slogan. It sums up our history in a … PepPod.

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