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Born in Colorado. Made in America. Sourced Globally. That’s more than a company slogan. It sums up our history in a … PepPod.

Born in Colorado

PepPod may have been conceived in the Far East, but it was brought to life in the shadow of the Rocky Mountains. Colorado—with its entrepreneurial spirit and pioneering work ethic—was the ideal place to take our idea from concept to creation.

In 2006, we launched an extensive research effort to arrive at the optimal formula for PepPod. After months of consumer engagement and scientific discovery, we did it. The first version of PepPod hit the market in 2008. An updated and improved version was introduced in 2015.

Made in America

Growing pains are a part of any new business venture. PepPod was no exception. But the lessons we learned along the way made us a stronger and more responsive company.

As part of our mission, we wanted to ensure PepPod was made in America. A big step in that direction was settling on a pre-historic plant deposit in Utah as the mineral source for the PepPod formula. Just as important was signing a deal with a world-class manufacturing facility in Minnesota.

Sourced Globally

Our passion to perfect a long-lasting effervescent tablet that delivers a full complement of energy and nutrition has never wavered. In fact, as our history suggests, we will go to the ends of the earth to make this happen. “Sourced Globally” is not some catchy phrase for us.

Over the years, we have discovered that the best sources for some PepPod ingredients are located abroad. Our list of overseas suppliers includes Germany, Japan, Switzerland, Belgium, Singapore and the United Kingdom.

That brings us to today. Our inspiration is grounded in our desire to be the best. Our vision has come to fruition, as PepPod has emerged as a dynamic, nationally recognized brand, not to mention a leader in the nutrition and energy marketplace. We couldn’t be more excited to see what each new day brings—and write the next chapter in our story.