72 Hours of Adventure: How to Have an Unforgettable 3-Day Weekend in Park City, Utah

With a place as action-packed as the Park City area, it can actually be a dizzying endeavor to dial in a specific agenda of what to do. Obviously there’s lots of skiing and snowboarding, for every ability and interest. The two resorts’ sizes and breadth means there’s something to entertain ...

How to Pull off a 100-Day Ski Season with a Full-Time Job

By the time I skied my 100th day this season—skinning up Alta at sunset after a rogue May storm dusted the mountain with a few inches of fresh snow—the outing felt both special and normal. Special because every ski day is a high-five from life. Normal because I’d spent the ...

Urban Skiing in Salt Lake City with Khai Krepela

Khai Krepela hits downtown Salt Lake City for some urban skiing, bringing the natural and man-made together with epic results in our latest PepPod short.

Filmed by: Jacob Callaghan

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Stargazing Around Jackson This Winter

Jackson's cold, snowy weather this time of year may be beloved by powder hounds and other winter sports enthusiasts, but those chilly temps also are a hit with another type of adventurer: those who love to explore the night sky. The area's dark skies make it a popular place for ...

Help PepPod Save a Douchebag This Holiday Season

This holiday season, give the gift of hope. Now more than ever, millions of douchebags all over America are in need of clean, healthy energy. Together, we can give them a life that doesn’t involve installing an LED hoverboard rack in their “vape-cave”. Watch this important new video and learn how you can make a difference. Won't you help? Click HERE now and help make a difference



PepPod and Atomic Present Within Winter

Presented by Atomic Skis and supported by PepPod: Within Winter.
If skiing was about fame they would be actors; if it was about fortune they would be on wall street; if it was about chicks they would play football. The Coterie does it for the community found amongst the mountains. Please enjoy a curated collection of the Coterie’s memories from this past season.

Riding By: Nicky Keefer, Jonah Williams, Denis Ranalter, Jacob Callaghan, Giray Dadali, John Kutcher, Mike King, Kevin and Mitchell Brower

Directed by Jacob Callaghan
Produced by Mark Kogelmann
Written by Stasia Callaghan
Voice by Austin Heywood

PepPod Welcomes Pro-Skateboarder Aaron “Jaws” Homoki

Skateboarder Aaron “Jaws” Homoki doesn’t do “small”. His gravity-defying jumps have been blowing minds and making magazine covers for years, and his video parts continue to generate gasps of disbelief from millions of viewers all over the world. His drive to push boundaries requires energy, and his pursuit of a ...

What’s in a PepPod

Ever wonder what's in a PepPod? The answer might surprise you. Watch this video to learn how dropping a pod takes your energy to a whole new level, then check out this link to learn even more about our 75 plant-derived trace minerals. ...

Matt Hyder of Recoup Fitness fueled by PepPod


Changing the game of recovery…

Matt Hyder is the 24-year-old founder of Recoup Fitness and creator of the Stinger. The Stinger is a revolutionary way for athletes to recover that combines ice and massage therapy into one reusable tool.


Recoup is recovering some of the top athletes in the world at the pro and college levels and loved by trainers who never have to freeze ice cups again. The Stinger stays ice cold up to six hours and allows you to get into even the trickiest to reach muscle groups making it great for everyday recovery as well as injury treatment.

Recoup Fitness is a Denver-based startup that was born after Hyder got injured playing basketball and couldn’t find an adequate tool to get deep enough into the muscle to massage it out. After creating a prototype by hand, he quickly realized he had a product people could really use. Now, dozens of some of the top pro and college teams use the Stinger daily giving Recoup incredible product validation and credibility. Athletes can use the Stinger after any activity and can finally get professional recovery without the professional price tag.

"I started my own company over a year and a half ago and as an entrepreneur, PepPod is great for the early mornings and long days in the office. Every day is crucial to growing my company so I can't afford to lose time being worn out. It helps keep me focused and energized without the jitters and crash of numerous cups of coffee."

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A Quick and Dirty Guide to Road Running in Denver

With beautiful weather year-round and trails that poke into nearly every corner of the city, Denver is an outstanding place for runners. Indeed, the Mile High City also is full of miles of great options, starting with the multi-use paths that stretch through the heart of town, providing easy launching points from ...