From world-class athletes to do-everything moms and dads, PepPod is the perfect energy supplement for people of all ages and from all walks of life. We like to call the growing legions of PepPod users the “Pod Squad.”

We hear from satisfied customers all the time. We work with some as official PepPod ambassadors. Others just want to tell us how much they enjoy our product. We’re grateful for all the support. Below you can read about members of the Pod Squad. Please contact us at if you’d to become an ambassador or if you’d like to share your thoughts on PepPod.

  • Adventurer, Climber

    "Ian lives for the experience. He grew up in the Southeast staying active through team sports, but then something happened to him early in his 20's: he discovered backpacking, climb..."

  • Climber, Small Business Owner

    "When Annie was little she mostly took interest in art and insects. She grew up competing in 4H with her Entomology projects and spending hours in the art room at school… In 2006 ..."

  • Tri-athlete

    "Inna participated in various sports growing up, but competitive swimming played a major roll in her life, which paved the road to triathlons later on. After graduating from college..."

  • Trainer & Mountaineer

    "A volunteer for the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center since 2004, Laurie is the founder of the Power of Seven project. Her mission is to climb the tallest mountain on each con..."

  • The Power Couple

    "SJ Remaley and Mark Kogelmann live in SLC, Utah. As you can see, these two are not your every day couple. New to the west, SaraJane Remaley aka SJ is a runner living in Salt Lak..."

  • Professional Soccer Player

    "Joe Crowley is a professional soccer player from Pennsylvania. Joe grew up playing soccer and is a product of DC United's Academy program.  He played soccer in college for the Uni..."

  • Designer & OCR Elite

    "Jacob Bosecker is a pro Obstacle Course Runner (OCR) from the team Relentless OCR and AthleteIQ. He is a Spartan Trifecta Day Ohio finisher since 2014 (all three distances in on..."

  • The Beer Ambassador

    "Whether you want to build or expand your beer cellar, tasting palette, or knowledge, Roger (a.k.a The Beer Ambassador) offers unpretentious individual and corporate advisement to t..."

  • Father & OCR Elite

    "Brian is a Father of three, Husband, Obstacle Course Runner (OCR) Elite, and Manufacturing Engineer out of Massachusetts. He has an impressive routine of running the Elite wave for..."

  • OCR Elite, Endurance Athlete & Coach

    "Val is an absolute top level Obstacle Course Runner (OCR) and endurance athlete, crossfit trainer and competitor, world record holder and the only Georgia Girl to ever finish the P..."

  • Father, OCR Elite, Coach

    "Caylan is a competitive Obstacle Course Runner (OCR) and trail runner from Columbus, Ohio, and often finds himself hiking with his wife and two small kids. Caylan runs for Team Rel..."

  • Military, Athlete, Community Builder

    "Will Collins is an athlete and active-duty military service-member as well as a very active member of all the communities he is a part of. Will works with local high school student..."

  • Pro Tri-athlete, Coach

    "Guy Petruzzelli is a professional triathlete, multisport coach, strength and conditioning coach based out of INTENT Strength and Multisport in Woodridge, Illinois, with over 20 yea..."

  • OCR Elite, Distance Runner

    "Kevin found obstacle course racing and running in 2012 as a mental escape from some hard times. The escape quickly developed into a pursuit to constantly build on his progress. Sin..."

  • Climber & Mountaineer

    "Ryan grew up in the Northeast and moved to Colorado in 2012. He works as a climbing coach for team Boulder Rock Club, and as a local climbing guide. He is completing the AMGA track..."

  • Climber

    "Born in New York City to an artist and a guitarist, Reiko spent her childhood avoiding most traditional sports. She started climbing in 2006 after moving to Portland, Oregon, where..."

  • Distance Runner & OCR Elite

    "As a member of Relentless OCR, Chad is passionate about obstacle racing and trail running. A recent relocation from Columbus, Ohio, to Denver has brought Chad closer to rugged terr..."

  • Distance Runner, Fly Fisherman

    "Will spends the majority of his day, everyday, on the move. As an avid trail runner, general manager of the bustling Under the Sun and Southern Sun Pub & Brewery, and an outdoo..."

  • OCR racer, Coach & Student

    "Spencer is a college student and avid obstacle course racer living in San Antonio, Texas, where he has lived his whole life. Spencer enjoys spending time outdoors doing activities ..."

  • Beer geek, Colorado Enthusiast

    "Beer geek, Adventurer, Colorado Enthusiast. His average day consists of a full shift on the production floor at Upslope Brewing Company, followed by a trail run, trip to the gym, ..."