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Life moves at … well … the speed of life. Fast. Unpredictable. Full of challenges. And, as far as we’re concerned, nothing could be more exciting. Each new day is an opportunity to show who you are and what drives you to accomplish your goals.

We incorporate that philosophy in everything we do at PepPod. Being the best version of you doesn’t happen by accident. It requires energy and focus. That’s exactly what PepPod provides through our nutritional supplement.

It’s unfortunate, but our bodies are often deprived of the essential minerals needed to perform at their best. Why? Because our food tends to be over-farmed in mineral deficient soils. Generally, we farm the same crops from the same soil year after year. Our food, in turn, loses vital nutrients. And that’s even before it is processed or cooked. By the time food makes it to our plates, essential minerals have all but disappeared.

That’s one of the reasons the healthy, euphoric buzz you get from PepPod is so empowering. Our secret family recipe combines more than 75 plant-derived trace minerals. But there’s more to it than that. As part of our manufacturing process, all the minerals included in PepPod are cold-water extracted from a pre-historic plant deposit in Utah, which contains the full spectrum of bio-available elements. You get that same high-octane nutritional boost with every sip.

As a growing company, PepPod is supported by the most passionate, driven, and eclectic people you will find anywhere. We come from diverse backgrounds, pursue unique passions and have two things in common: daily use of PepPod, a product we believe in, and a steadfast dedication to helping people be at their best for what they love.