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What's in PepPod?

PepPod is a source of energy like no other on the market. Designed to promote good health and active lifestyles, it combines more than 75 plant-derived trace minerals with vitamins, electrolytes, amino acids and a little shot of caffeine. All of these “little” things add up to three big things: raised energy, increased focus and enriched nutrition.

PepPod is an effervescent tablet (“Pod”) that dissolves in water. Pods are available in convenient single-serve packets or 10 count tubes to fit wherever you need them. PepPod is low in calories, vegetarian, sugar-free, dairy-free, gluten-free, and GMO-free.

Our Minerals Rock

Our bodies need minerals to survive. It’s that simple. But most diets lack the trace minerals essential to good more » Not so with PepPod. Our formula contains more than 75 trace minerals, all sourced from ancient plant deposits in Utah. Ingredients such as Zinc (which aids in digestion and metabolism) and Iron (which promotes the reproduction of red blood cells) help provide a complete spectrum of bio-available elements. The benefits from PepPod’s trace minerals are based off full daily value amounts.

Iron aids in the production of red blood cells and the delivery of oxygen to organs.

Selenium strengthens cell membranes and protects them from deterioration.

Zinc supports body growth, maturation and tissue repair.

Copper helps the body use iron effectively and promotes bone development.

Iodine enables the thyroid to function properly.

Chromium turns fats, carbohydrates and proteins in energy.

Manganese allows the body to process carbohydrates.

Molybdenum assists the body as it processes other compounds.


+ 67 more in our secret proprietary blend!

Get Your Nutrition On

You know what a vitamin is—an organic compound that offers vital nutrients for the body but that can not be synthesized by the bodyread more » in required quantities. PepPod contains more than a dozen of them, only the best of what your body needs.

Vitamin C (as Ascorbic Acid) is a sugar acid with antioxidant properties.

Vitamin B1 (as Thiamine Monoitrate) helps cells form the fuel the body needs. It processes carbohydrates, proteins and fats, and also participates in the long chain of reactions that provide energy and heat for the body. Vitamin B1 aids in manufacturing fats and metabolizing protein, and is needed for the normal functioning of the nervous system.

Vitamin B2 (as Riboflavin) plays a key role in energy metabolization, and is required for metabolizing fats, carbohydrates and proteins. It also plays the role of an antioxidant and fights with the free radicals that might otherwise damage our body. It is not only important for normal vision but also facilitates in the change of vitamin B6 and folate into the usable forms.

Vitamin B3 (as Niacinamide) assists in the functioning of the digestive system, skin and nerves. It is also important for the conversion of food to energy.

Vitamin B5 (as D-Calcium Pantothenate) is considered essential to all forms of life. It is used in Coenzyme for energy metabolism, and allows carbohydrates, fats and proteins to be burned as energy while supporting immune function. Taken before bedtime it can increase the likelihood of having and remembering dreams with elevated vividness.

Vitamin B6 (as Pyridoxine HCI) is the master vitamin for processing amino acids. It aids in the formation of several neurotransmitters that help regulate processes and possibly mood. Pyridoxine Hydrochloride, used in conjunction with other B vitamins, helps properly digest fats, sugars and proteins, and contributes to proper growth and development of brain, skin and nerves.

Vitamin B12 (as Methylcobalamin) boosts mood, energy and concentration. Methylcobalamin, is the enhanced form of Cyanocobalamin that supports normal nerve cell activity and DNA replication as well. It is important for the normal functioning of the brain and nervous system, and for the formation of blood. It is normally involved in the metabolism of every cell of the body, especially affecting DNA synthesis and regulation, but also fatty acid synthesis and energy production.

Vitamin D is important for the regulation of calcium and phosphorus absorption, maintenance of healthy bones and teeth, and is suggested to supply a protective effect against multiple diseases and conditions. Vitamin D has also been linked to cognitive and emotional benefits.

Inositol is involved in a number of biological processes, including the breakdown of fats. It also assists in the smooth functioning of neurons in our central nervous system.

Panax Ginseng promotes a healthy immune system. It also protects the body against the adverse effects of stress. Ginseng is known to improve thinking, concentration, memory, work efficiency, physical stamina and athletic endurance!

Glucuronolactone (as D-Glucuronolactone) is a naturally occurring chemical that aids in detoxification, providing better stamina and greater endurance. During exercise, the body produces many toxic waste products, which circulate through the body. Glucuronolactone binds to these toxins and allows them to be expelled from the body.

Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) participates in aerobic cellular respiration, generating energy in the form of ATP. More than 90% of the human body's energy is generated this way. CoQ10 is used as a dietary supplement. It also protects heart and skeletal muscles while boosting energy and recovery after exercise.

Ginsenosides (steroid glycosides and triptopene) are thought to be the most beneficial, useful and active ingredients in Ginseng. Research indicates these substances are anti-allergic. They also aid in anti-stress activity.

Taurine is a conditionally essential amino acid with health benefits for the brain and eyes. It has been found to alleviate muscle fatigue in strenuous workouts and raise exercise capacity.

Caffeine provides a boost of energy and increases metabolism, helping speed up delivery of nutrition to your body. It is also known to improve alertness, concentration, stamina and the cerebral vascular system.

Pump Up the Elecrolytes

When you sweat, you lose electrolytes. Your body would prefer you keep them. PepPod serves as a molecular pump, ignitingread more » the transfer of energy caused by the interaction of Sodium and Potassium in your cells, more commonly known as electrolytes. In turn, your cells react more quickly to each other, work more efficiently, and your body has more energy.

Calcium plays an important role in muscle contraction, transmitting messages through the nerves, and the release of hormones. If people aren't getting enough calcium in their diet, the body takes calcium from the bones to ensure normal cell function, which can lead to weakened bones.

Magnesium is crucial for the normal functioning of cells, nerves, bones and the heart. Usually, a well-balanced diet provides normal blood levels of magnesium. However, certain situations cause your body to lose magnesium faster than you can replace it. These situations include treatment with "water pills" (diuretics such as furosemide, hydrochlorothiazide), a poor diet, alcoholism or other medical conditions.

Sodium is essential to the human body. It regulates blood volume, blood pressure, osmotic equilibrium and the body’s pH level.

Potassium is necessary for the proper functioning of many body systems. It plays a vital role in regulating the fluid levels in your body, maintaining the electrolyte balance in your cells, managing blood pressure, releasing energy during the metabolic process and promoting efficient cognitive functioning by helping to deliver oxygen to the brain.


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The Single Packet

Ultimate single portability. Natural ingredients. Light flavor.

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The Tube

Convenient 10 Pod tube. Natural ingredients. Light flavor.

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  • I like PepPod. It gives me a sustained energy boost without a drop off. I have investigated PepPod’s ingredients and am confident in both the quality and safety. I have an active lifestyle both mentally and physically and PepPod helps me perform well with both. I am a Board Certified Family Practice Doctor with a special interest in treating athletes and providing IV Hydration. I endorse PepPod for amateurs and professionals alike.
    — Georgeanne Freedman
  • PepPods are a quick and healthy way to get my energy up in the morning for a long day of backcountry skiing or climbing in the alpine. I rely on PepPod to sustain my physical strength and mental persistence through these rigorous and active days.  It is essential that I have a product that keeps me feeling focused and energized without any jitters, PepPod does this and more. An excellent substitute for coffee in the morning, I love putting two PepPods in a thermos that will give me lasting energy all day. 
    — Ryan Pedersen
    Outdoor Professional
  • PepPod is no longer a commodity, it is a necessity for me. No matter what my plans for the day are, every morning starts with a PepPod. The boost it gives me jump starts every day with absolutely zero downside. I honestly can't remember the last time I didn't start the day with a PepPod. My only concern with them is that my coworkers will find my stash and ransack them. I love them and can't imagine living the life I do without them."
    — James Allen
    PodSquad Ambassador
  • I started using PepPod in the late summer as a way to keep energized for longer workouts. As a professional triathlete, and someone who follows a paleo style diet, I am always looking for cleaner sources of nutrition. PepPod is perfect because it provides a natural boost of energy that doesn't spike your insulin levels and set you up to crash soon after. With my schedule, I'm constantly on the go, so I want to make sure my energy needs are met, as well as my hydration. Every workout counts, and PepPod ensures that I am not heading into a training session with my tank only half full. PepPod gives me the energy to keep pushing through hard days, never crashing, and never experiencing any GI stress. I can't recommend Peppod enough to people looking to up their game and get the most out of each day.
    — Guy Petruzzelli
    Professional Triathlete

Make Sure You Read This!

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. GMO-free means no genetically modified DNA is present in our formula.
PepPod is not recommended for pregnant women and children.