Annie Tedesco

When Annie was little she mostly took interest in art and insects. She grew up competing in 4H with her Entomology projects and spending hours in the art room at school… In 2006 Annie had been introduced to the sport of climbing, and by the end of 2008 she was obsessed. She was introduced to indoor climbing through a class in high school. When she began bouldering she never looked back. Mt Evans and Rocky Mountain National Park became her new favorite local getaways. She was still working seriously on her art and had entered her art/jewelry in a variety of shows, from high school shows to international shows. The largest show she participated in was Rio Grande's Saul Bell Jewelry Design Competition in 2008 where Annie entered her hollow form bracelet in the Emerging Artist's category and was delighted to place 3rd.

That year was a busy one for her. She moved up to Boulder to go to CU in 2008 and that year competed in her first ABS Youth Nationals. After, she decided to more strictly pursue outdoor bouldering. In college she took a few college sculpture classes and did a year long internship with a jewelry boutique which taught her a lot and got her ready to start exploring with her own art at a new level. In 2011, Annie was able to take a year off from school and make her first international trip to New Zealand. The trip surprisingly fueled her desire to be creative and she ended up collecting tons of sea glass and other objects that inspired her for future creations. Also, the climbing she experienced while in New Zealand was so unique to that area that it gave her a permanent desire to see more of the world.

After her adventures, Annie felt herself begin to plateau in climbing and began to focus on her art and jewelry. It was not until 2014 that she was finally able to break though mental and physical barriers and was capable enough to crush her goal of bouldering double digits! Along with climbing success, she started her own jewelry company; Wild Lupin Designs. Currently she is excited about bouldering out in the mountains and working creatively on her art/jewelry. For the future, Annie hopes to keep pushing her limits mentally, physically, and artistically. Hopefully that will lead to more adventures around the world as well.

Wild Lupin Designs